We offer many fabrication services at Crown to best serve our customers needs and desires. We have a variety of machinery to cut, bend, tap, fold, shear, stamp, punch, and weld metal to construct and assemble our in house custom designs. We take pride in our designs, performance, and creativity so our products are presented to our customers with the best quality and precision.


Our design work is offered in 3D drawings to all our customers to bring our products to life. This allows flexibility and creativity in deciding what best fits our customers needs and desires. Designs in the 3D model displays a full life image of the product so our customers can get a taste of what the finished product will look like.


We use a variety of welding methods to ensure our products are constructed precise, clean, and holds firmly together to not only ensure safety but look top quality. The different classifications of welding processes we perform are GTAW(Tig), GMAW(Mig), and SMAW(Stick).


The different types of metals we work with in constructing our products are Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Bronze, Chromoly.

In House

On site we offer production work, custom designs, all repairs, CNC plasma cutting, and CNC press brake sheet metal forming.

Field Work

We have field teams constructing commercial and personal customizations,  metal buildings, awnings, storage units, fencing, repairs, and much more.